UK Election 2019: An Impact Analysis

UK Election 2019 An Impact Analysis

UK Election 2019 An Impact Analysis. The result of the recently held UK general election shows the ruling Conservative Party secured the overwhelming win and as such got the biggest parliamentary majority. It is a pretty comprehensive victory for them and Boris Johnson has the majority seats. The day when the result was declared, was regarded as a historic day of British politics because it is the biggest majority win for the conservative since the 1980s.

However, the state of the party seats indicates that they got 364, Labour Party 203, Scottish National Party (SNP) 48, Liberal Democratic Party 11 while the Brexit Party failed to win any seat. Joe Swimson stepped down as a Liberal Democrat leader for poor performance and held the view that the people are looking for hope. Another noticeable aspect of the election is that the Labour Party which lost significant grounds in their heartland had the worst result since 1935.

As a result of its crushing, catastrophic and historic defeat Jermy Corbyn decided not to lead Labour in the next election. A defeated Labor candidate while speaking with the BBC said, “I was half-broken and deeply disappointed.” According to him, it is the end of Corbynism. Not only this, another depressed Labour voter said, “Corbynism is dead.” The Jewish Labour Movement said that Labour failure lies with the party leadership.

Despite this, Corbin is right in saying that the Brexit issue dominates the election. Boris Johnson is reelected beginning his new term as PM for the new government. This election means Brexit done. So he said, “We will get Brexit done on time by 31 January.” He got a mandate to leave the EU. The election ends the threat of the second referendum against Brexit. He clearly mentioned that his government will be the people’s government. Though he calls it a new day and new government, critics regard it as a momentous day in British politics in decades.

It is interesting to note that in his statement as PM Boris Johnson made some hopeful and inspiring commitments to his countrymen after the stunning victory:

(a) Thank you for the trust you have placed in me.

(b) We will work round the clock to repay your trust.

(c) We will transform the country with better infrastructure, better education and better technology.

(d) We are going to unite and level up.

(e) We will bring all the nations of the UK together.

(f) We will bring forward to transform the country.

(g)  We worked with the EU as a friend and equal sovereign.

(h) To him, 2020 will be a year of prosperity.

There are a lot of international reactions to the election. The US President Donald Trump congratulated Boris Johnson. He said that the UK and the USA will be free to strike a massive trade deal after Brexit. The French President Emanuel Macron said, “Despite Brexit, Britain will always be a part of Europe. The German Chancellor, Angeela Markel made a positive comment. The EU President opines that this is the beginning of excellent good relations in the future.

A far as we know, the reaction from Brussels the EU expects a withdrawal agreement as soon as possible. The former British Premier David Cameron also made brilliant Comments and thanked Johnson for his victory. Notwithstanding this, those who want Britain to stay with the EU cannot tolerate Johnson’s victory. Moreover, some people do not like his personality and character. Nonetheless, he has won the election.

Some are of the opinion that Britain has been paralyzed over Brexit and that there is no growth in the economy. It is a concern that big issues may confront at the time of leaving the EU. On the other hand, bringing people together will be the real test of his leadership as PM. The divorce deal from the EU still appears to be a complex phenomenon. That is why one critic while talking to BBC remarked, “I don’t understand the size of the task ahead.” The immediate effect of the election defeat was an unpleasant surprise to the opposition parties mainly the Labour whose dream to outvote the conservative has been shattered.

One point that is mentionable here as impact analysis is that the leader of the SNP (Scottish National Party) Nicolas Sturgeon who said ‘no’ to Johnson’s Brexit has expressed her opinion for a second vote for her country’s independence from Britain. According to her, it is time for Scotland to decide its own future. Although the first independence referendum took place in 2014, the constitutional stand will continue. If it so happens, it will be a great loss for Britain’s territorial integrity. This election has a great impact on the market and business. For example, pound and share surged immediately after the conservative victory.

In the end, it can be said that the outstanding success of the conservative in the election before Brexit may be considered a turning point for the implementation of their political agenda. As the British people’s eagerness for a change has been reflected through this mandate, now it is up to Boris Johnson to fulfill their hopes and aspiration. It reminds me of the memorable words of Winston Churchill, the war veteran British P.M: “Give us the tools, and we will finish the job.” As one nation conservative leader Boris Johnson will be emboldened to finish off the task properly. Furthermore, the conservative win may influence American politics and overshadow the efforts of the Democrats for impeachment and turn the tide in favor of Donald Trump, the mighty US President. Here also lies the significance of the UK Election 2019 as one of its far-reaching impacts.

Professor M. Matiur Rahman The writer is a critic, political analyst and former Principal, Government Teacher’s Training College, Cumilla.

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